Welcome Year 2021 – the year of growth and new products!

The year 2020 was exceptional in many ways, also for DigiPartnerIT. Despite of the challenging times, we succeeded in strengthening our business and competencies by recruiting new talents; our personnel growth was excellent. We continued significant investment on our own software product development, whilst growing our business aggressively; the Year-on-Year growth of our consulting business was remarkable.

Inevitably, the COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges and turning points to business growth. We regenerated our business at least once during the year. We are now targeting new customer sectors such as health technology, e-commerce and wholesale, and new customers especially on the upper end of the SME sector.

One of the pillars of our operations is the growth and partnership with the best experts of the industry. Over the past year, we have had the pleasure of continuing the work with Salesforce and expanding our partner network to other companies operating in the Salesforce ecosystem, such as Rootstock Software (cloud ERP) and ComplianceQuest (Enterprise Quality, Health, Safety and Quality Management Software). The network and partnerships have clearly shown their strength. Discussions to expand the partner network continue, and in the near future, our intention is to announce new partnerships for further developing our customers’ business.

We are soon ready to launch our new product – please follow us to stay up to date with the exciting news!

Wishing you all a successful year 2021! We look forward to deepening and expanding our co-operation with you!