Delivery terms

These delivery terms apply as of 10 December, 2020. The web store sells services to businesses within the EU region. All rights reserved for updates in prices and changes in delivery terms.    


The goods are ordered by selecting them in the web store and paying them via online payment services. All Customer information is treated as confidential. The Customer contact details collected when ordering is not used for anything more than the delivery itself, delivery issue handling as well as promotional and sales causes unless otherwise mentioned. When ordering goods via the web store you are expected to have read and agreed with the applicable delivery terms. 

Paying and payment methods

The payment service is Klarna with the available payment method options. When providing information at the goods check-out, you approve the terms of Klarna AB (556737-0431, Norra stationsgatan 61, 113 43 Stockholm). When pressing the Buy-button, you approve the general terms of the web store.

Order and payment confirmation

When your order is received, we will immediately send you an order confirmation email including your order information. Always check the order confirmation. If any questions arise, immediately contact our Customer service at: [email protected]. Save the order confirmation if you need support from the Customer service. Keep the order confirmation number at hand when in touch with the Customer service.

Delivery methods

The Customer report is delivered to the email address provided by the Customer.

Delivery lead times

The Customer report over our different goods is delivered with the following delivery lead times:
Answer + Measure = Full Analysis  

  • 2-3 working days after the Customer has answered to the survey and installed the tool 

Just Answer  

  • 1 working day after the Customer has answered to the survey 

Simply Measure  

  • 2-3 working days after the Customer has installed the tool 

Total Advisor  

  • Independent delivery times and terms apply as agreed with the Customer  

We are not responsible for delays caused by ‘Force Majeure’ incidents or indirect harm caused by this type of delays. Discrepancies in delivery lead times are announced at the web store.

Customer issues

If the delivered good is not according to your order, you must report the issue within 14 days with a written declaration to: [email protected].